UpComing Events

Important events coming up at St. Michael's Episcopal Church

  • Beginning Sunday, June 13
    10:00 am service at St. Michael's Episcopal Church
    640 North Washington Ave
    Cookeville, Tennessee

  • Ways to Give to St. Michael's

    There are many ways to give to St. Michael’s Episcopal Church: 

    Check or cash: St. Michael’s Episcopal Church, 640 N. Washington Ave. Cookeville, Tn 38501


    OnlineYou may make your gift securely by going to our webpage (https://www.saintmichaelscookeville.com/) and clicking on Give.  It will take you to the secure donation site. 

    Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT): Talk with your bank about the information they require (banks often have different requirements) and then contact Dale Ensor (ddensor267@gmail.comto establish the EFT. 

    Monthly Pledges:  You can arranged for a monthly draft either from your bank account through electronic funds transfer, or a monthly charge to your credit cardFor more information, Dale Ensor (ddensor267@gmail.com). 

    Stock Donation or Disbursement from IRA as a Qualified Charitable Distribution: Please contact Dale Ensor (ddensor267@gmail.com) for more information and instructions. 

  • Wednesday Holy Eucharist and HealING prayer

    The Wednesday noon Holy Eucharist and Healing Prayer Service resumes this week, January 6


  •                              SUPPORT OUTREACH:   FREE MONEY!

    Did you know that you can make a donation to St. Michael’s that does not cost you a single dime?If you shop at Kroger, and have a Kroger Plus card, Kroger will make a donation to St. Michael’s, through a Program is called “Kroger Cares” based on what you have purchased at Kroger.  If you don’t have a Kroger Plus card, please sign up for one, even if you only occasionally shop at Kroger.  It is free, you will save a few dollars, and St. Michael’s will receive as well!  Last year, we received over $600 from Kroger Cares!

    Here’s how to sign up (you must sign up through your on-line Kroger account):

    • Simply go to the Kroger website and select Store services, and then Community Rewards. Alternatively, simply type “Kroger Cares” into your web browser, and click on “Kroger – Community Rewards.”
    • If you have a Kroger account on line, you can log-in.  If you don’t, simply follow the simple instructions to create your Kroger on-line account.
    • Once logged in to your Kroger account, select the charity you want Kroger to donate to: St. Michael’s Episcopal Church. There is a long list of charities, so it’s easiest to type “St. Michael’s Episcopal Church” in the Search bar – St. Michael’s in Cookeville should come up first!   Click “Select” and that’s it!   You will then see a window confirming your selection.

    Thank you in advance for your participation!