In-Person Service Requirements

St. Michael's takes your safety seriously. We have implemented protective measures in accordance with local and national public health guidelines to mitigate the risk posed by COVID-19. However, we cannot guarantee your safety. By worshiping in person you agree that you understand and assume the risk of exposure to COVID-19, and agree to release and hold St. Michael's harmless from any claim associated with exposure to the virus. In order for us to better care for our community, we ask that you follow all posted guidelines and verbal instructions while in the building or on church grounds. Thank you for your cooperation.

In an effort to ensure that the parishioners of St. Michael’s remain safe from the Covid-19 virus, the following requirements will need to be followed when attending in-person indoor services.


  • Church services will be held on Sunday at 10:00 am and a healing service on Wed at noon.


  • Complete the form or call or email the church to reserve a seat for you and your family for services at the church.


  • Enter the church from the Washington Avenue side only.
  • If inclement weather, enter church from parking lot/basement entrance.
  • Individuals who cannot climb the stairs can still enter from Washington Avenue entrance – simply knock on the door.


  • Everyone gets their temperature checked.
  • Adults are considered to have a fever with a temp of 100.0o degrees or higher
  • Children are considered to have a fever with a temp of 101.0o degrees or higher
  • Anyone with a fever will be asked to leave.


  • Everyone is required to wear a mask – NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Please bring your own masks; if you forget, some will be available.


  • Pews will be taped off.
  • Ushers will assist with proper seating.
  • Families/households can sit together.
  • If not in the same household, two seats must be empty between people.


  • Page numbers will be announced.


  • Officiants enter and leave from side door.


  • There will be no choir.
  • Soloist or duets are allowed, but must have fifteen (15) feet of separation unless from the same family.
  • Performers must stand in bass or soprano row of choir loft to prevent “spraying” the congregation.
  • NOTE: The CDC has identified singing as a “super spreader” of the potential virus, hence the recommended fifteen (15) feet of separation.


  • Only two stanzas will be played for each hymn, unless otherwise announced.
  • We encourage you to use very light singing or humming.
  • Full singing makes you a “super spreader” and requires a recommended distance of fifteen (15) feet.


  • The offering plate will be placed on a table at the rear of the church.
  • Please drop your offering into the plate on your way out.


  • One row and one side at a time
  • Example: First pew on the left side of the church goes first
  • Exit the pew to the window side (not main aisle) and line up in front of black iron railing at front of church.
  • Take communion and move to chalice bearer.
  • After chalice bearer, return to seat down the main aisle.
  • After the first pew has been re-seated, the next pew will move forward.
  • One entire side of the church will go first and then the opposite side will follow.


  • Dismissal will be one (1) pew at a time beginning in the rear of the church (if good weather).
  • If bad weather, dismissal will be one (1) pew at a time exiting through the doors at the front of the sanctuary.
  • Please leave the church and do not congregate.